Faden Laboratory

5 year collaborative project with Broad Institute and Calico launches

A five-year collaboration between Mass Eye and Ear, The Broad Institute, Mass General and Biotech Calico has launched with the overarching goal of improving treatments for head and neck cancer.  The project, led by Dan Faden MD FACS (MEE), Nir Hacohen, PhD (Broad) and Lori Wirth, MD (MGH) has three phases. Phase one provides funding to perform multi-omic single cell sequencing and imaging approaches to 240 head and neck cancer patient specimens to identify new biomarkers and pathways for therapeutic targeting. The second two phases involve characterizing the newly discovered pathways roles in cancer and targeting them therapeutically. The project, which provides multi-million-dollar funding, involves many members of the MEE/MGH head and neck cancer team. See the Steering Committee membership here:

Chair: Daniel Faden, MD FACS

Co-Chair: Lori Wirth, MD

Member: Chief of Head and Neck Radiation Oncology, MGH: Annie Chan MD

Member: Chief of Head and Neck Surgical Oncology, MEE: Kevin Emerick MD

Member: Chair of Otolaryngology, MEE/MGH: Mark Varvares, MD

Member: Chief of Head and Neck Pathology, MGH: Peter Sadow, MD PhD

External advisor: Nir Hacohen, PhD

External advisor: Dan Polley, PhD

External Advisor: Derrick Lin, MD

External Advisor: Moshe Sade-Feldman, PhD