Faden Laboratory

Our Research and Collaborators

We study blood-based cancer diagnostics to non-invasively screen, diagnose and monitor head and neck cancers. We have developed, optimized, validated and extensively utilized one of the first liquid biopsies for HPV-associated head and neck cancers. We subsequently developed a more sensitive and comprehensive HPV whole genome hybrid-capture-based next generation sequencing assay, termed HPV-DeepSeek, designed for addressing low tumor burden settings such as asymptomatic cancer screening and minimal residual disease detection. We are utilizing these approaches, in combination with additional blood and tissue-based profiling mutli-omic approaches, to examine how to improve HPV-associated cancer care. HPV-DeepSeek is currently undergoing implementation in MGH pathology as a clinical test and will become available for clinical use in Mass General Brigham in 2024. This work is supported by NIH R03, R21 and generous contributions from philanthropic partners.  We work closely with collaborating labs in Boston and across the world. See some of our collaborators here:

Iafrate lab

Lawrence lab

Kuhs lab

Waterboer lab

Robbins lab

Our laboratory also studies tissue and blood based biomarker approaches for non-HPV-associated cancers. This work is funded by grants from NIH (K23), Harvard Catalyst (KL2), foundations (AHNS, ACS, NASBS) and collaborations with industry partners (Calico, BMS, Predicine, Neogenomics). This work involves a diverse team of scientists in Boston. See the team here:

Sade-Feldman Lab

Hacohen Lab 

Stott Lab

Adalsteinsson Lab

Watch recent presentations about our research, here:

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