Faden Laboratory

Lab wins Shark Tank funding to initiate HPV Vaccination Program

HPV is the cause of 5% of all cancers, worldwide. A highly efficacious and safe HPV vaccine to prevent HPV infection has been available in the US since 2006, yet vaccination rates lag behind most other CDC recommended vaccines. For example, only 16% of US adult men have received the HPV vaccine. Beginning in 2019, HPV vaccination is recommended for all males and females up to age 26 and in males and females 27-45, after shared decision making. Beginning in 2021, a team led by Dan Faden MD FACS, launched the first point-of-care HPV vaccination program focused on adult vaccination (ages 18-45), housed at Boston Medical Center. With the generous support of The MEE Shark Tank event, an HPV point-of-care vaccination program will open at MEE January 1, 2024. The HPV vaccination clinic, housed in the 11th floor MEE head and neck clinic space, will take place every Friday afternoon from 1-5pm. During this time, patients can receive counseling on HPV vaccination and point-of-care vaccination. To refer a patient, or for more information, contact MEE-HPV-Vax@MassGeneralBrigham.org